Google Review

We’re writing this review to specifically express our very high regard for Mike Nutter, who is VP-Sales for this company.

The big picture: Mike Nutter is a proactive, appropriately aggressive, professional insurance advocate and advisor. We are highly satisfied with his work and he’d made a significant positive difference in reducing our company’s workers compensation insurance costs.

Our story: We were drowning in workers compensation insurance costs and claims, and most of the claims were, frankly, fraudulent. Our previous broker, who is very nice from a personal standpoint, was not effective at helping us mitigate these problems. One of the other people in our industry recommended that we consider switching our business to Mike, and after we had a couple of meetings with him, we did indeed decide to move our business to Mike and we are very glad that we did so.

Mike knows this market, which is something that many can say. What’s unique with Mike is that he is extremely proactive and very “hands-on” in his approach to working with us. We feel like we can call him for advice about all workers comp questions and also get his help and advice when we think that a claim may be about to be filed.

In California, the workers compensation insurance system is, frankly, rigged to work against employers and to work in favor of employees and, even more, in favor of workers compensation attorneys and their accomplices in shaking down employers. Mike’s got the sort of aggressive, yet ethical, point of view and depth of knowledge and experience that makes us very glad that we found him.