Home Insurance

Home Insurance in Los Angeles, CA

Of the three biggest states in the U.S., California has the lowest average home insurance cost. At ISU – Armac Insurance Agency, we are here to second this statistic. Our agents work hard here, day in and day out, to find our clients the most affordable and comprehensive homeowners insurance policies on the market. With access to over 30 different carriers, we are able to match all California homeowners with a personal and “perfect fit” policy.

Homeowners Insurance for Your Home

A typical home insurance policy provides coverage for the structure of the home itself as well as personal possessions and the contents inside. Most policies also provide liability protection and a reimbursement of living expenses in the event that you must leave your home for a period of time. A basic homeowners insurance plan may not be enough for some situations, but additional policies are available by request.

Additional Coverage Options

Animal liability insurance is a great option for people with dogs and other pets. Additional coverage is often necessary in cases of natural disasters like earthquakes and floods. Floater insurance is easily movable to cover the full value of property in case of theft or damage since most policies will not cover the full value of individual items. Alternatively, valuable articles and jewelry insurance covers theft, loss, and damage of those items covered. Some policies will even provide compensation for a loss in market value. For extra liability coverage over a home, vehicle, and other possessions, umbrella insurance can offer security in case of a major lawsuit or other claims against your assets.

Peace of Mind in Any Home

If you rent an apartment or own a condo, do not hesitate to ask about your options. We offer both renter and condo insurance, as well as additional coverage designed for your unique living situation. Our agents are ready and waiting to learn about your needs. Please reach out to our agents at ISU – Armac Insurance Agency to learn more about all our available homeowners insurance solutions. Once we have a better understanding of you, your family, and your needs, we will find you a match that you are comfortable with.

Are you ready to get started? Get a quote online. You can also apply now for home insurance or continue to browse through our policies through our Contents Page.