Voluntary Insurance

When your employees want a little something extra, you can help them get it.

You may or may not already offer comprehensive group benefits to your employees, but either way, you have options beyond that. The cost of insurance continues to rise. And with the ebbs and flows of the economy, many individuals are finding that they need to obtain the basic coverage they need at a more affordable rate – which can be difficult.

With voluntary benefits, as an employer, you can help! You can offer additional benefits without having to pay for the premium.

The difference between you offering it and the employee obtaining it on his or her own: discounted rates.

The added benefit for your company: a vested interest in your employees’ well-being is not something top-tier hires overlook.

When you choose to offer voluntary insurance options to your employees, you are offering the policies through a group plan, which means that the premium is a group rate. It can save your employees money and it can save you money, too. And who doesn’t want to save money?

Options to choose from.

A voluntary benefits plan is multi-faceted and comes with many different options. At ISU – Armac, we can offer you comprehensive voluntary benefits plans that include many or all of the same things offered in our group benefits offerings.

You can choose to offer any or all of the following voluntary benefits to your employees:

  • Life Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Chiropractors Insurance

Voluntary benefits are an option that your employees have. They allow your employees to purchase additional insurance coverage at rates lower than if they were to purchase on their own. Additionally, their premiums are paid from pre-tax dollars deducted from their paychecks – this makes payment simple and convenient for the employee.

As an employer, this can be an added incentive you offer to your employees. You can go above and beyond without having to pay beyond what you are able to afford. Everyone wins!

You can talk to us about your options today. Together we can work to provide additional benefits for your employees based on their needs. As an ISU Insurance Group, we have the access to get you the most affordable rates possible for your employees – which is exactly what everyone wants!